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The Hughes family started with Andrew, an Ohio native, U.S. Army veteran and State Department employee and Nicole, a public speaker, photographer and photo editor from Los Angeles, California. Andrew and Nicole began their move to the state of Virginia in 2014.

The Hughes family first embarked on a personal road to holistic health solutions in 2015, after the birth of their first child. Realizing even the best food bought in stores was depleted of essential minerals and nutrients vital to the family's whole health, they began a search for real food. Embracing their journey toward a traditional diet the Hughes family drove 50 miles to connect with regenerative based CSAs (community supported agriculture). The vast improvements to their health was the proof they needed- they were on the right track.

While being students of nutrition, orthomolecular solutions, soil, farming and holistic management systems... their dream of stewarding their own land and raising their own real food, grew more vibrant by the day. 

Armed with a passion for nutrient dense food and focused on their personal responsibility for the health and happiness of their family, in 2019 the Hughes family began searching for the right farm to take their growing family back to the roots of stewardship. In 2021, holding tight to faith and grace, fueled by a mission to show their children that our faithful stewardship of God's blessings can bring forth abundance... Andrew and Nicole moved out of the city and became first generation, regenerative farmers, making way for Arbor Haven Farms.

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