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The Farm Mission

  Arbor Haven Farms is a grateful steward of holistic management, including: planned grazing systems, land planning, soil health priority and a chemical free commitment. Regenerating life for all involved; from the farmer to the dung beetles!


We implement an intensive rotational grazing plan with appropriate grass-based genetics for our landscape. This allows for the recovery of the land and plants, promotes fertility, restores natural biodiversity within the land, builds a robust Eco-system within the soil, and provides optimal nutrients to the different animals- who are also in an interconnected relationship. We aim to mimic nature as God intended; to provide the land, animals and ourselves the opportunity to rebuild and regenerate life.

​  With holistic land planning, we can provide all our livestock with access to herbicide and pesticide free pastures or forest-lands year around. In addition to planned grazing, our pastures are stockpiled over the summer and fall months in preparation of the winter season; this gives them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year access to forage. Along with rotational grazing, individual minerals are available to our multi-species herd, allowing their mineral rich manure to deposit back to the soil what the soil was specifically depleted of. Positive inputs foster positive outputs! With fresh grass, well water, open air and sunshine, our multi-species animals are able to thrive in a natural habitat throughout their life.

  At Arbor Haven Farms, we are committed to producing nutrient dense food from nutrient dense land; food that is free of vaccines, hormones and antibiotics. Not only do we desire to provide nutritional superiority and food security for our children, but we hope to celebrate God's abundance by offering these foods to our community. We are just real people raising real food with our children by our side.

Our Story



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